Terms & Conditions

Roller Nation is committed to protecting the safety of its visitors and the following terms and conditions must be complied with by all persons visiting the premises in order to do so.

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:
Venue: Roller Nation, 117 Bruce Grove London N17 6UR

Ticket: a valid ticket permitting the holder entry to the Venue;

Any person(s) found to be in conflict with the terms outlined below may be rightfully refused entry or result in being removed from the Venue by the Roller Nation team, security or the police and without the right to a refund or the offer of an scheduling an alternative session.

Whilst on the Venue’s property all visitors must comply with any reasonable instructions given by Roller Disco staff, health and safety notices, policies and announcements and/or any third party instructed on behalf of the Venue.

  1. The Venue reserve the right to refuse admission to any person(s) entirely at the venue’s discretion and will be entitled to entitled to carry out security searches in the interest of safety for other visitors to the Venue.

  2. Children attending the junior events (5-14yrs) must be accompanied by an adult(parent or guardian) at all times

  3. The Venue will not be held responsible for tickets which are lost or stolen.

  4. The Venue will operate in almost all weather conditions. In the event of extreme weather conditions resulting in the cancellation of a session, refunds will only be given if notice of the cancellation is given less than 30 minutes before the session was scheduled to start. In this event ticket holders will be offered alternative sessions subject to availability.

  5. The Venue’s staff will be entitled to remove any person(s) from the premises deemed to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and prohibited substances or who is behaving in a manner deemed to be in conflict with these terms and conditions and without the right to a refund.

  6. Any person(s) found with illegal substances or a weapon(s) in their possession will be reported directly to the police.

  7. Personal protective equipment is available from skate hire at all times and failure to request and use such equipment is entirely and the customers risk.

  8. No food or drink of any description may be brought into Roller Nation at any time.

  9. Fireworks or pyrotechnics, laser devices, flammable liquids or gasses are not permitted into the Venue

  10. Legal highs are prohibited from being used or taken into the Venue and any person(s) found with legal highs on their possession will be removed from the Venue or if upon entry, will be refused entry in the Venue without the right to a refund.

  11. Any person(s) suspected of attempting to enter the Venue with the intention of causing disorder, damage, nuisance or to commit any form of crime will be refused entry.

  12. Any person(s) attempting to enter the Venue with bulk quantities of any items, that could be deemed as intended for unauthorised trading will be refused entry to the Venue.

  13. For health and safety reasons; eating and drinking is prohibited whilst roller skating in the designated rink area, smoking is strictly forbidden in all enclosed areas of the premises, use of photographic and recording equipment, including mobile phones and other media devices, is prohibited whilst roller skating.

  14. Ticket holders are only permitted to skate for the event for which they have purchased

  15. Upon entering the Venue visitors give consent to be photographed or recorded and for any photographs, films or recordings to be used by the Venue in any future promotional activities.

  16. All visitors and patrons roller skate at their own risk and the Venue shall not be deemed liable for any loss, injury or damage other than a death arising from the Venue’s negligence.

  17. The Venue accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage of personal possessions taken onto the premises.

  18. The Venue has wheelchair access and can accommodates wheelchair users. Where necessary wheelchair users must be accompanied by a carer and the Venue will not provide a carer in the absence of a carer.

  19. Any person(s) who appears to be under the age of 25 will be asked to show a valid form of ID when entering the premises for one of the adult events(evenings) The Venue reserves the right to decide the validity of a person(s) ID and only photo identification in the form of an EU driving license, UK/EU passport or PASS accredited ID will be accepted.